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66 Residency
Gaurav Nagar, Civil Lines
Jaipur Pin: 302006,
Rajasthan, India

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Best Hotels in Jaipur

Located within the heart of Rajasthan, India, is its capital, the primary planned city of India, i.e. JAIPUR. The city splendidly referred to as Pink city was made by the nice Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II within the year 1727.

Jaipur has fascinated folks from all round the world along with her philosophical system and her culture. There area unit palaces, Historical monuments, museums, World trade park, forts, Places of faith, World category searching malls and many several things to go to in here.

As with the growing variety of tourists, Hotels in Jaipur have maintained associate equilibrium with the places of accommodation.

Hotel 66 Residency - (best hotels in Jaipur) a widely known alternative for tourists searching forbest hotels in Jaipur

Hotel 66 Residency, a boutique hotel on the outskirts of Jaipur may be a in style alternative for travelers searching for hotels in Jaipur. Pinkcity is one such traveler spot wherever traveller from all the globe desires to require half in increasing their information regarding Rajasthani culture and value it. There area unit fantastic property from one place to a different, thus have associate fancy of native road. Hotel 66 Residency is one amongst the best cheap and nevertheless luxury hotels in Jaipur.

Hotel 66 Residency giving a large variety of the trendy services and facilities will for sure be presented with title of \"the finest accommodation in jaipur".

With the exceptional convenience and luxury Hotel 66 Residency has achieved associate excellence in each side of welcome With all its customs and welcome, it stands a category apart among all alternative hotels in Jaipur.

Best Hotels in Jaipur that brings along exclusivity and luxury with affordability.

Now do not administer exuberant quantity for a visit to Jaipur. At Hotel 66 Residency in Jaipur best services come back at cheap services. The rooms area unit well appointed with tasteful lighting and furnishings. the outside area unit picturesque and also the swimming bath is that the place wherever you'll splash and relax along with your family.

A valet parking and last caretaker service which might spherical out the expertise. The building which can follow of these parameters and additional gets mechanically entitled to the best hotels in Jaipur.

In-house restaurant at Hotel 66 Residency

Enjoy associate vary of pleasant recipes chosen from recipes everywhere the world and Indian. Let your tastebuds burst with flavors that you simply did not understand may well be discovered in any of the best hotels in Jaipur

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At Hotel 66 Residency your comfort is totally yours. The hotel walks the any to confirm 24*7 services with top-notch welcome. No guest will ever leave the premises of Hotel 66 Residency while not a smile. regardless of alternative hotels in Jaipur that supply luxury and store options, Hotel 66 Residency is that one place that may be a home aloof from home, and nevertheless a fully new expertise. Be able to be happy at the simplest best hotels in Jaipur,with Hotel 66 Residency!

Hotel in Jaipur giving budget accommodation

As with the increase of tourism business in Jaipur, there's a monotonic rise within the variety of hotels furthermore. In such associate endless competition each Jaipur hotel aspires to draw in additional and additional variety of tourists for his or her keep.